Fastest Highest Strongest

Sunday September Series #3 Results – British Cycling Cat 2/3/4

Matthew Draper (Velocity Globalbike) takes the victory at the Fastest Highest Strongest Cat 2/3/4 Race at UClan.

Quite an attacking race with a number of riders having a go and on a few occasions it looked like a break may form and stick. An unfortunate crash with 4 laps to go saw 6 riders taken out – all the riders were okay due to them ending up on the grass.

The bunch stayed together for the remaining laps and Matthew took the sprint, with Matt Hallam (The Nab Racing) 2nd, and Peter Hollis (Team Hoppers Rollers) taking 3rd.

Thank you to the commissaires and marshals.

Full Result:

1.Matthew Draper
2.Matt Hallam
3.Peter Hollis
4.Alistair Thomas
5.Chris Fallon
6.Robert Shirley
7.Charlie Critchley
8.Samuel Pickering
9.Sean Flinn
10.Chris Vaughan
11.Paul Gibson
12.David Parrington
13.Stephen Collins
14.Robert Pratchet
15.Luke Jackson
16.Simon Hopkinson
17.Ben Heywood
18.Aaron Tonks
19.Leon Barnes
20.David Wilson

Joe Auty
Alex Auty
Julian Vescovi
Gaby Duckworth
Tom Lowe
Chris Waters
Adam Rowlandson
Simon Mulholland

Thomas McRoyall
Billy Stewart

Alasdar Fairhurst