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Lewis Hartley VCUK Northern Area Cyclocross Champion

Sunday the 6th December was the Northern Area Cyclo-Cross Championship held at Heaton Park in Manchester.

With over seventy entrants and a number of talented riders including former national champion and recent trophy round winner Euan Cameron (East Bradford CC) this was always going to be a tough race.

Euan forced the pace early on with Charlie Craig (Scott Racing) in close quarters, gapping the Pedal Sport riders and Lewis who lay in 5th.

Lewis was playing a game of patience and looked smooth and comfortable and as he passed the fast side of the pits he was clearly on mission to catch the leaders.

As the riders came by for the 2nd lap, Lewis was now almost level with Euan, who entered the pits, whilst Lewis passed by and pressed on up the climb and subsequent hurdles. This was one of the critical parts of the race as Euan then lost contact and dropped back to 3rd place whilst Lewis moved up to 2nd.

The race was now being battled out between Lewis and Charlie. Just before the pits was a technical tree section and Lewis hit this hard and fast which Charlie on his wheel. Charlie’s rear wheel slipped and off rode Lewis past the pits and up the hill, piling on more pressure.

The final lap became a victory lap for Lewis as he rode away from his competitors who were looking tired and worn down.

This was a big target for Lewis in his 2015/16 CX season and he was delighted to take the championship for VCUK.

Lewis is an exceptional athlete and trains very hard. Well done.

Also riding for VCUK was Cory Edmondson who experienced mechanical problems during the race, but still managed to finish a respectable 8th.

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