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Fitness Testing – Wattbike

Fitness Testing – W(h)ATT BIKE?

What should I focus my training on?
How can I improve my performance?
Am I making progress?

These are questions that anyone performing in sport should ask themselves several times a year. For a novice through to an experienced athlete, it is always difficult to evaluate yourself objectively. By pursuing the wrong course of training, you will expend valuable time and energy but likely end up with only minimal gains. Often people primarily focus on their strengths. It is also important to work on your weaknesses or ‘limiters’. These are the aspects of your fitness or ability that hold you back and stop you performing at your full potential.

Fitness testing can and should be carried out periodically throughout the year to:

Establish baselines
Determine training needs
Measure progress

Whilst some people may not be keen on testing and prefer to make training decisions intuitively. Often this involves little more than guess work and inaccurate conclusions that do not prove to be productive.

Effective use of periodic fitness testing will ensure that your hard work in training is focused in the right areas. This results in greater progress for the same amount of training time and energy.

Examples of cycling tests:

Sprint Power
Graded Exercise (Ramp)
Lactate Threshold
Critical Power


Developed in association with British Cycling and used by World and Olympic Champions, the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

The Wattbike is extremely accurate. The amount of power produced is calculated from the force applied to the chain through the cranks (sampled 100 times a second).

Each Wattbike is factory calibrated and is accurate to within +/- 2% over its full range.

During his time with British Cycling, Peter Keen worked with Wattbike to design a truly unique indoor trainer. Developed in a world class environment, the Wattbike allows everyone from complete beginners to Olympic and World Champions to experience the same ultimate training tool.

The Wattbike is the first indoor bike that actually feels like riding a bike. This is achieved by the unique air brake construction that allows the flywheel to keep spinning like the wheels on your road bike.

The Wattbike is also designed so that you can replicate the setup of your road bike exactly.

Benefits of cycling testing

Testing allows you to measure and analyse performance and training gains so that you can:

Train effectively. Undertaking a test at the start of your training will provide baseline performance figures. Personalised training zones ensure you are working at the exact intensity that’s right for your physiology. They ensure that each and every pedal stroke count towards achieving your goals.

Monitor changes in your fitness. As you train you will expect to see an improvement in your performance. It’s essential to monitor this with evidence; testing will provide reliable, accurate data which can be analysed to see what impact training is having on your fitness.

Measure the effectiveness of training. Training is designed to help you achieve a specific goal, whether that be weight loss, riding a 100 mile sportive, road racing or completing a time trial. You should measure the effectiveness of your training by testing at regular intervals, each month, or after each phase of training.

Wattbike sessions £35 / hour or a 1:1 session from your monthly package