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FHS x Aerobyeq

Aerodynamic drag field testing.

We have devised tight protocols that allow us to execute accurate aerodynamic field testing. The results can actually be more functional and useful than wind tunnel testing as it takes into account the human mechanics of riding the bike on the road and naturally tests the wider range of wind yaw angles that would be experienced in the real-world.

A number of options can be field tested including helmets, head and body positions, skin suits, shoe(s)/covers, aerobar/handlebar position, as well as wheels, components and frames.

Our method is very effective at determining the most aerodynamic set up for you with your equipment on the day. We are able to provide you with the Coefficient of Drag differences between various configurations and the corresponding saving in Watts riding at 30mph.

Price: £350 / 3hrs
Please contact us for further details or to book.