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Cycling Training and Coaching

You might ask yourself, “Do I need a coach?”

The job of the coach is to support you in accomplishing your goals. If you want a shortcut through all of the trial and error, or bypass hours of mind numbing research into what training works best, then having a coach is perfect for you. If you have a time consuming job and have family commitments to work around, having a coach can offer you a concise plan to work towards your goals, without any of the ‘junk training’ which takes up valuable time without improving you as a rider. Whatever your goals and ambitions, having someone to bounce ideas off and consult with is invaluable to your progress.

Over the years the biggest problem that I ever faced in training and racing was listening to my body and knowing when it’s best to rest. With a coach all the guesswork is removed and your training is planned around fatigue and form, whilst helping you through illness or injury. It will leave you feeling fresher, faster and race ready. The key is knowing how to go into an important event with the best possible preparation.

Another important role of the coach is crunching all those confusing numbers. An increasing number of riders are buying power meters without the full understanding of what the numbers actually mean. This is completely understandable as the data can be quite complex. With a coach your data can be analysed so you can get the best out of the equipment and yourself, whilst you also learn how to make sense of the numbers.

The question you have to ask yourself is; how much do you want to improve and are you able to do that on your own?

James Gullen – FHS Coach / Elite Cyclist