Fastest Highest Strongest


Fastest Highest Strongest works with individuals and small groups of people with the goal of improving their fitness or athletic performance.

We offer a range of specific services that are designed to improve general fitness or the functional performance of athletes. We are based on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire and work with people from the immediate and surrounding area. We also have the facility to work at distance with people via electronic communication.

The service we provide is designed specifically for you following your initial consultation, we do not provide any off-the-shelf packages. Every client’s individual fitness requirements are tailored for, with one, or a combination of our services.

We have 20 years direct experience of both leading people and participating in the physical education, coaching, fitness, and competitive sporting arena.

Services are not mutually exclusive and you will often receive a combination of different services to meet your needs. Your requirements throughout the year may also vary according to your personal goals.

Prices are the same for each service and combination of services; through initial consultation these will be discussed and agreed upon.

Receive all your workouts direct to your mobile device and have the facility to edit and feedback directly to your coach in real-time.

Designed to enhance the components of fitness for the general population.

Professional exercise prescription and instruction, designed to motivate you to improve your overall physical fitness.

Understand how to adopt a lifestyle that promotes aspects of wellness; including exercise, general health and nutrition.

Change your exercise behaviour patterns to improve body composition, physical performance, heart condition and general health.

Increase your confidence so you can choose how and when to exercise when faced with other lifestyle demands.

Be able to exercise with good form, plan your workout routine and manage nutrition.

Designed with definite objectives in mind to achieve short, medium and long term goals.

Bespoke formulation of workout sessions with direction about how to perform them and with defined duration, intensity, volume and recovery.

A programme of workouts that generate definable and measurable results, with the objective of sustainable long term fitness improvement.

Planned systematic specific progressive overloading workouts that build overtime to produce the desired outcome and achieve your goals.

Each and every workout has a value and the accumulation of these generate the final accomplishment. Each session is another piece of the jigsaw towards achieving your fitness improvement.

Designed to help you improve specific athletic performance through correct training.

Exercise prescription specifically designed to suit the metabolic and physical demands of sport performance.

Ensure you avoid incorrect training and exercise selection that can often lead to detrimental effects and relative poor performance.

Improve overall physical function and your specific athletic sporting performance.

Identify sports-specific movements, exercises and training techniques to develop skill and relevant fitness.

Perform more efficiently and prevent injury through correct biomechanical advice.

Designed to prepare you effectively for your chosen physical event;

e.g. Adventure Racing, (Half) Marathon, Triathlon, Duathlon, Road Cycling , Mountain Biking, Time Trial, Cyclocross, Tough Mudder, Born Survivor, Fell/Trail Run, Road Run, Expeditions, 3 Peaks, Orienteering etc.

All physical events catered for: charity, challenges and races.

Professional guidance to support you to achieve your own personal goal, from racing to win, to survival and completion, all performance levels are catered for.

Receive specific training and advice for your event so that you utilise your training time in the most effective way and select the most appropriate equipment. Don’t waste precious time or money.


Richard Haughton is the founder and Head Coach at Fastest Highest Strongest. He has significant experience of competing, coaching and teaching in the sporting arena spanning 20 years.

Fastest Highest Strongest was founded on his passion for helping people develop - with a particular focus on their fitness or athletic sporting performance.

Richard is a dedicated family man and is married with three children. He has direct experience and understands how important it is to see training as an integrated part of your life and not as a bolt on (or an effort). He believes that long term enjoyment and overall fitness are key goals that underpin your specific ones.

Relevant Qualifications and Experience

Acquisition of Skill in Sport L2
Introduction to Sports Science L2
Sport Studies A-Level Grade A (Distinction and Scholarship) Psychology A-Level Grade C
BEd Honours in Secondary Education and Physical Education 2:1
DFE Qualified Teacher Status
National College for School Leadership - Leadership Pathways

Brittannia Soccer (USA) Camp Director of Coaching
Blackpool Borough Council Senior Sports Coach
A total of 14 Years Teaching Experience (Physical Education)
inc 2 Years Experience School Sport Co-ordinator
inc 2 Years Experience Assistant Headteacher
inc 6 Years Experience Deputy Headteacher

Competitive racing experience in the following disciplines:
Lakeland Trail Run, Triathlon, Cycling Road Race (Regional and National), Cycling Criterium Race (Regional and National), Cycling Time Trial, Cycling Cyclocross (Regional), Off-road Duathlon, Running Road Race.

Completion of numerous cycling events to include:
Bowland Badass, Fred Whitton and Pendle Predator (3 most difficult sportives in the country) and Coast to Coast - Way of the Roses in a single day (200+ miles).

An introduction into the FUNdamentals of Movement
National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches
Royal Life Saving Society Bronze Medallion
Royal Life Saving Society Life Support 1
FA Football Leaders
FA Preliminary Coaching
FA Junior Football Organisers
FA Emergency Aid Course
British Gymnastics Teachers Award
Community Sports Leaders Award
Higher Sports Leadership L3
Award in Sports Leadership L1
Award in Community Sports Leadership L1
Hockey Leaders Certificate
British Athletic Federation Club Coach L1
Rugby Football Union Preliminary Award
Squash Rackets Association Leaders Award
British Red Cross First Aid at Work
Emergency Aid in the Workplace
St John Ambulance First Aid
REPs Personal Trainer L3
YMCA Kettlebells
YMCA Suspension Training
YMCA Triathlon
British Cycling Coach L2
Children Protection in Sport & Active Leisure L2


Time Trial

All Year
All Day

TT that can be done in your own time and will be open for a period of one week. Anytime during the week that’s convenient, ride out to the start and complete the course – Strava will do the rest. No sign on, no fee, no number, ride whatever bike you like, when you like, and see how you compare. New TT course set each week. Times will be taken from the Strava Segment and results will be posted on Facebook.

Click Strava link to see this weeks course.

No Events


All services can be applied to developing general fitness or for specific athletic performance.

1:1 sessions can take a variety of forms, e.g. specific training sessions, fitness testing, consultancy discussions, progress meetings, assessment and analysis.

Planned sessions are specific to your goals and their form will be discussed and agreed upon in the initial consultation meeting.

Initial consultation meeting:

£10 for 1 hour
1:1 consultation
Programme agreed upon

Periodic training programme:

£99 for 12 weeks
1:1 consultation and fitness testing
12 week training calendar

Performance training and coaching:

£35 per hour
1:1 session
Bespoke training/coaching session
£60 per month (4 weeks)
1 optional 1:1 session per month
Daily training sessions planned
£35 per hour
Fitness test/training session

Elite training and coaching:

FHS x James Gullen (Elite Professional Cyclist)
£100 per month (4 weeks)
1 optional 1:1 session per month
Daily training sessions planned

Group training/coaching session:

£30 + £5 per person/hr
e.g. £12.50 each for 4 people/hr
Bespoke training/coaching session





Email: Telephone: 07545 018665